Ft First Into Florence – Footwear Buying Guide

It’s not unusual nowadays to create shopping excursions with other metropolitan areas in Europe or further abroad and Florence is really the same. With bargain flights and great value Florence apartments to first be clicked up, your budget will be left available to splash out. Florence, to be the shoe capital around the globe because of centuries perfecting the skill, is the greatest bet for individuals on the shoe mission. So here’s the shortlist for where to place your ft first in Florence.

The very first stop ought to be on Via de’ Tornabuoni, even if perhaps to stare in the shoe creations, in shops for example Gucci, Prada and Pucci, with slightly affordable prices in Florence than elsewhere.

Adjacent may be the rival street for luxury stores, Via della Vigna Nuova, with footwear by Cesare Paciotti and Beltrami.

Remaining around the shoe theme but without always shopping, shoe fanatics will certainly understand the Ferragamo shoe museum at the end of Via de’ Tornabuoni, that is homage towards the shoe designers’ collection in the 20th century. There’s obviously, a sizable Salvatore Ferragamo store to peruse the current collections of comfortable, high-style footwear.

Next, mind towards Florence’s monumental Duomo, and look for the youthful and vibrant styles in Calzoleria Bologna, an affordable store on Piazza San Giovanni.

On the other hand from the Duomo, through the Piazza del Duomo and Via de’ Cerretani, there is a little shoe store known as Gilardini.

Another key street for shoe shopping is by Porta Rossa. Two shoe stores along this street to test are Nannini and Spazio A for footwear by Moschino and Narcisso Rodriguez. The mix-street Via Por Santa Maria has a couple of places worth looking at. Guy Di Casprini Anna Maria are available there.

To not be missed on Via Por Santa Maria is among Florence’s exclusive franchises, Raspini, which stocks its very own footwear along with other designers, for instance Miu Miu. The Raspini store also offers branches on Via Roma, Via Martelli along with a beautiful vintage shoe store on Via Calimaruzza.

For any wide array of cheap and cheerful footwear, mind onto Via del Corso for that Peppe Peluso store, that has affordable footwear using the Italian seal of quality.