Answer questions, do we need to “excrete” every day?

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Answer questions, do we need to “excrete” every day?

Excretion Whether it’s a small matter, it’s small. But if excretion is not normal May cause us discomfort, stomach discomfort and may interfere with eating, digestion and suffer from symptoms of “constipation” or “hemorrhoids”, but to make the body have a perfect excretory system It can difficult for many people as well.

Christopher Hair, a gastroenterologist at Deakin University, says, “The human body is complex. function of organs of each person may be slightly different Whether it’s a matter of rest and sleep Excretion of both faeces and urine is something that seems common to many people. It can be difficult for some people. especially about excretion.”

Some people may feel that in 1 day they have to excrete at least 1 time because if they do not pass all day. will feel uncomfortable and may result in the following days being difficult to pass more difficult to take Until there may be constipation. But some people have passed 2-3 days. Taken 1 time, but can taken comfortably. Without feeling any pain. Therefore, the matter of excretion for each person is quite different. and various according to the work of the excretory system including way of life various foods, etc.

“The proper number of times to have a bowel movement varies greatly from person to person. 

According to research reports. It was found. That The most healthy bowel movements range from 3 times a day to 3 times a week, and less than 40% of people. Who have one bowel movement are found to have bowel movements a day.”

However, the number of bowel movements is associate with symptoms of certain infectious diseases such as diarrhea (which increases the frequency of bowel movements), cancer (bloody bowel movements), or the absence of bowel movements at all. It may be a warning sign for diseases related to the digestive system as well.

Is it necessary to take it once a day?

Damien Belobrajdic, a research scientist at CSIRO, Australia’s National Institute of Science, said: “One bowel movement a day is not necessary. But if you excrete less than 3 times a week, it can cause harm, such as hemorrhoids. or a large ulcer from the anus and hardened to the point of bleeding, etc.”

“Constipation can occur for many reasons. Since receiving treatment from symptoms of certain diseases (side effects from some drugs, such as drugs containing opioids Stomach antacids iron supplements) and the most obvious cause is Eating a diet that is too low in fiber.”