Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea: Collecting hot issues

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Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea: Collecting hot issues. After the Premier League game, the Blues stormed over and grabbed 3 points.

1. Gary McAllister Initially in charge of the Villa team

Not that Aston Villa ordered the sacking of Stephen Gerrard from his position in any way. But that’s because the former Liverpool legend contracted coronavirus and had to stay at home and give his right-hand man Gary McAllister. Another former Reds footballer, taking charge of the team next to the field instead. Which must be said that today the News has done well, especially in the first half. But unfortunately, I can’t resist until I have to lose in the first game that started to control the team.

2. Tuchel solved the game resolutely.

Today, I have to admit that in the first 45 minutes of Chelsea there seemed to be a lot of problems both attacking and defensively, not being able to create chances or deal with Villa’s counter-attack as well as they should. Until halftime, Thomas Tuchel decided to change his plan to play after 4 and add Lukaku as a break. Which has worked very well, including allowing James to fall back to catch Watkins and sending Lukaku to turbulent Tyrone Mings, plus Kovacic, who came down in the last half hour, can still Changed the rhythm from receiving to attacking so great that it created many golden opportunities for the team and the Blues came back to be the one that was clearly superior in the last 45 minutes.

3. Pulisic might not good fit for the role of Falls 9.

Today is another game where Thomas Tuchel still calls Christian Pulisic into the field as a striker for the falls 9, who will play a role in connecting the game rather than waiting for an opportunity. dangerous area But it also proved once again that the News can’t overcome the strength of the Villa’s back, and the ball rarely arrives, and if it comes in a difficult way, you have to dress the ball to rest first. Which is not the highlight of this person at all. Until in the second half that Pulisic was transformed into line. His role immediately seemed to become more pronounced. And it’s clear that the American attacker will only be able to show off when he’s facing the goal with the ball.