Diego Simeone why he refused to shake Klopp’s hand

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Diego Simeone team boils the blood of Atletico Madrid refused to reveal what that is why he did not shake hands Ayers Jurgen Klopp in the game, beating Liverpool 2-3 campaign UEFA. Champions League last night

There was a lot of drama in the match and most of the losing sides were the homegrown army. Both Antoine Griezmann’s red card, a penalty that led to Liverpool’s winning goal, as well as being forfeited by VAR in the late game. And the picture seen after 90 minutes is that “El Cholo” rushes back into the tunnel without holding anyone’s hand.

“Nobody likes that kind of behavior. “But it’s pretty clear from the overall situation. I wanted to shake Simeone’s hand, but he ran into the tunnel right away like that and it’s not very good for the industry,” Klopp told BT Sport.

“However, Simeone is not angry with me. He’s just angry that the results and other things weren’t good for him. So there’s no point between us and we can definitely shake hands in a friendly way if we meet again.”

After hearing the opposing coach’s interview calmly, Simeone decided to speak up about the reason he didn’t shake hands after the game as was customary.

When Diego Simeone was still a footballer He’s a hardman midfielder. aggressive playing style Try to destroy the opponent’s game. and act as a powerhouse in the middle of the football team Whether it was when he played for Inter Milan, Lazio or Atletico Madrid.