Jurgen Klopp unhappy with Liverpool

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Jurgen Klopp unhappy with Liverpool‘s brutal December game ahead of Chelsea.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has once again expressed his frustration in the media over the turbulent Premier League fixtures in December ahead of the big clash with Chelsea in the new year, according to reports. from dailymail

The Reds are scheduled to play seven league games in the final month of last year’s trip to Thomas Tuchel’s team at Stamford Bridge on January 2. come out and talk about it every season In the press conference before the game to visit Wolverhampton On Saturday, the subject has again raised the issue.

“It’s crazy, it’s always crazy. Everything is going well until you hit Christmas. Having games on December 26 and 28 is not always right. But we have to accept it.”

“We accept it and this is a tradition that has been going on for a long time. Which I understand, but it doesn’t get any better. We have two months left which is difficult to deal with. But the good news is that all teams have to face each other as well,” said Klopp.

Although starting November with a 3-2 defeat to West Ham United at the London Stadium, this is the first loss of the season. But the German boss brought his team back to collectively six points as they opened the field at Anfield, beating Arsenal and Southampton with 4-0 in both games. according to a report from ‘ufabet