Manchester United, complete with everyone, with a full analysis after defeating Leicester City in the latest English Premier League match

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Result: Leicester City beat Manchester United 4-2

According to a report from UFABET

David de Gea (GK) 7.5: There are several saves. But it was a game where he had to concede 4 goals.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka 6: This game is not doing very well. The defensive game couldn’t stop the fervor of the Leicester players. As for the offensive game, they do nothing.

Victor Lindelof 6.5: Got 1 assist from the opener for Rashford to shoot 2-2. But the defensive game is not very good.

Harry Maguire 4: Seems to be back too soon even though he had just recovered causing the rhythm of the play to not fit Contributing to the loss of the ball before leading to the team being equalized And the overview of this game was missed so many times.

Luke Shaw 6: No hard work in defense. Trying to help up the game on the left side. But it doesn’t cause much harm.Manchester United

Nemanja Matic 6: Did well early in the game, but playing back and forth became a lot of slow strokes. Can’t stop Leicester’s midfield.

Paul Pogba 4: It’s a game in which the referred performer is below the standard. The defensive game can’t help. The offensive game is not decisive. Clearly defeated in the middle of Leicester

Manchester United Mason Greenwood 7: A stunning goal gives the team a 1-0 lead in the offensive line.

Bruno Fernandes 6.5: Drives the game well offensively at some strokes. Trying to create chances to help the team many times before getting 1 assist from a 1-0 pass for Greenwood.