Mason Mount wins Chelsea Player of the Year award

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Mason Mount has been voted by Chelsea fans. For the 2020/21 Club’s Player of the Year award.

Mason Mount has been in outstanding form for the Blue Lions this season, scoring six goals in 34 Premier League appearances, while his performance in the Champions League has played an important role in leading the team. Successfully made it to the finals.

As a result of that performance. He was voted by Chelsea fans. To win the club’s Player of the Year award.

He will receive the award ahead of Chelsea’s opening game against Leicester City on May 18, the first time fans have returned to watch a match for the first time since December in the past.

Mount has enjoyed a remarkable performance for Chelsea. Since being spurred on by the first team in 2019. Earning the club’s Player of the Year award for the 2020-21 season.

Mason Mount currently has a contract with the team for another three years or until 2024 with a salary of 75,000 pounds per week (3.4 million baht per week) and the club has the criteria to increase the amount by 1 time with the new contract. Earned at £150,000 per week (6.8 million baht) 

For Mason Mount is a midfielder. Who was pushed up into the first team by Frank Lampard. When he was the team’s manager before Thomas Tuchel took over and also gave. British national team star Be the main character in the next offensive line He was also a key figure who led England to the semi-finals of Euro 2020 in the past as well.