Ole Gunnar Sharma reveals the reason why Harry Maguire was sent to the field despite

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Ole Gunnar Sharma manager of Manchester United. In an interview after the game. The Raiders defeated Leicester City 4-2 last night to send yourself a Harry Maguire. That the physical condition is not perfect because it has just recovered from a dull calf pain.

It was me who decided to send Harry Maguire. For this game and doesn’t have any effect on the calf muscles that make him feel nervous at all Namchan told BT Sport.

And when assessed from the importance. Ole Gunnar Sharma as the heart of the defensive line He is the current team captain. Therefore, it is inevitable to send it onto the field as soon as it is ready. 

Everyone can see how much influence he has on our game today.”

At first it might seem a bit clunky. But in the end it gets better and better, both passing the ball up front. Both communicating with fellow defenders, but unfortunately we conceded a goal from set-pieces. It was also fired back within seconds of the goal as well. I saw that it was because of our brief lack of concentration. which was the homework that I had to intensively tutor the kids after.

Ole Gunnar Sharma Every match in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Is a big game that is very important, whether it’s Leicester or Atalanta, it’s a big team. It is considered as the most brutal competitor. After today’s defeat We will have to review ourselves heavily. It is the nature of football.