‘Pao’ made a mistake in not paying ‘Kovacic’ a red card.

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Gary Neville insists the referee made a mistake in not giving Mateo Kovacic a second yellow for his foul on Declan Rice, while Theo Walcott points out that the Manchester City midfielder should have been charged. Already red since the danger on Martin Odegaard,

Kovacic started. And while the game had passed for about half an hour, the former Chelsea player almost caused trouble because he used the button on the ankle of Odegaard, the rival captain, in the middle of the field. However,

Michael Oliver Pao on the field was only given a yellow card by the VAR room, led by John Brooks confirmed that

just minutes later, the same Kovacic struck again. This time it was inserted into Declan Rice, but Oliver ignored the second yellow card. สมัคร ufabet

“Kovacic inserted into Rice’s right foot in an unnecessary way. He was very lucky he didn’t get sent off.” Neville expressed his views while being a guru of the game in which Arsenal opened their nest 1-0.

“The referee made a mistake and allowed Kovacic to stay on the field. Which made me very surprised ′

′ The tackle on Odegaard before that was similar to the moment that got Curtis Jones red carded last week. But the difference is that Kovacic can’t reach the ball.”

Meanwhile, Theo Walcott, former Arsenal star, sees the same direction as the “Red Devils” legend. “Kovacic

should be hit. Second yellow card But anyway He shouldn’t have been on the field since the moment he hit Odegaard. “

I’m not siding with the old team, but Kovacic made a poor tackle on the opponent’s ankle. And that is dangerous play that directly leads to a red card.”

As for Micah Richards, a legend from Manchester City, he has a slightly different view from Walcott,” Walcott

said. Reason: But I think the first yellow card is the correct decision

“However, Kovacic should have received a second yellow for his tackle on Rice because he tackled the opponent’s ankle without touching the ball,” Arsenal

manager Mikel Arteta was also asked about the timing problem. To which he replied: “I saw this moment. But it’s a thing of the past. And luckily we won.”