Pep Guardiola admits defeat – lack of Rodri has consequences

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said the 1-0 loss to Arsenal was a very close game. There aren’t many opportunities. Before it was the artillery army that entered the sign and got the victory goal. Ready to make a promise His team will come back stronger.

“We started playing very well with a couple of chances. They started the second half well with the rhythm of the game. The game was close and they scored a deflected goal. They won. Congratulations,” Pep said.

“We’re tired. We’ve done our best. I don’t think either team has a lot of chances. It was a close game and in the end, with one action We lost.”

“Yes, of course we lost the Wolves game. Now we have lost 2 matches in a row and then it will be a national team game. Hopefully they will come back fit. And we will move forward again. Maybe it’s just a little bit, but it’s still good. Let’s look at it when we come back.” ยูฟ่าเบท

“It’s already happened. In the game against Wolves It’s a difficult game. Congratulations to Arsenal.

When asked: Rodri’s absence Is it one of the factors that cause the team to lose? Pep admits,

“That’s a statistic that we can’t deny. But we use more ball control players. But they (Arsenal) were aggressive in those areas. We’ll come back and move on. We will continue to fight together,”

while Pep added in an interview that

“It was a close game. We protected each other well. The team members have done everything. This is a football game. We are the defeated party. We must come back stronger than before. “

Rodri is an important player. But he wasn’t there for reasons that everyone knew. And we must move forward. Every game is completely different. “

I’ve known these players for many years. with what they did together It was an honor and a privilege to see them run and fight so hard.”