Steven George Gerrard has responded to the media

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Steven George Gerrard ‘s team Rangers debut countered rumors that are going to hit a rich red like New Castle pull off a podium, manager of Steve Bruce soon after the takeover succeeds.

“For me right now there is still a lot of responsibility and big goals with Rangers to do. Which I can say that I will focus on this matter fully without letting other things bother me.

“Everything that has happened to Newcastle in the last one or two weeks has been very interesting and I believe fans will have to look forward to any success that may arise in the future. Because when there is such a big change, it is not strange at all.”

But the fact that should never be forgotten is that Newcastle. He has a manager named Steve Bruce. We must also respect him. Because personally, I don’t like people talking about my job in a negative light like this. You wouldn’t want an ignorant outsider. to tell you that you were about to get fired, right?”

Steven George Gerrard “Just like I said. It’s not just Newcastle fans who want to know how this team will grow. But football fans around the world are waiting to see the results after this takeover as well.”

Steven Gerrard, former Liverpool captain Made a great job since taking over Rangers since the summer of last year. After leading the team to finish the season by winning the runner-up As for this season, it brings the team to the top of the crowd. With a score of two points ahead of Celtic rivals in the league.