Who is the richest footballer? Many people want to know.

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Who is the richest footballer and how rich is he? And here are the latest results from 2021. Faiq Bolkiah

richest footballer  that has been surveyed recently. His name is Faiq Bolkiah. Some may have heard the name. 

Faiq Bolkiah has a net worth of $20 million. The richest footballer in the world 2020.

But that he The richest footballers in the world 2021. Are the richest. it comes from the ancestry that’s his where the foundation is the son of the royal family of Brunei A country rich in oil and riches.

Faiq Bolkiah 22 years old. Holds dual citizenship Brunei and America. He was born in Los Angeles. But he was known in football not just because he was rich. but because he loves football trained until It has become a profession.

He started playing from youth football in various clubs and has contracted for a midfield position. With Leicester City for up to 3 years and has renewed a contract for another year in 2019.

But the rankings would have to change a bit. Because a 19-year-old boy named Faiq Bolkiah, who is making headlines in the sports world, has become the richest footballer in the world.

And most recently in 2020. He joined free transfer maritimo club Together with the captain of the Brunei national team. For up to 5 years in order to set goals for success. give more for him which believes that his abilities are different that indicates the effort to practice hard to succeed more than the actual position. According to a report from UFABET